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Tech Score is a community of frequent online shoppers and savvy tech lovers who want to learn, share and save on their favorite tech. We aim to be everyone’s one-stop destination for finding the best tech deals right as they occur online. Even better, we want to provide you with easy ways to earn gift cards while doing so! All deals posted to Tech Score come from today’s most innovative companies. 

Whether the hottest smartphone in town or the newest fitness band everyone wants to have, if it’s being offered at an unbeatable discount, we’ll find it! Plus, TS members who purchase through Tech Score from our partners earn cashback points of which can be redeemed in various daily contests for awesome FREE prizes. If you want to discover easy ways to earn gift cards and more, be sure to sign up today and join us in our journey!

Our Team

Doug Demagistris

Chief Officer

Hello! I’m a self-starter from Long Island, NY and graduate of Bryant University’s Class of 2019. I’m most passionate about growing SMBs using online marketing and I live and breathe everything and anything B2B SaaS. 

During business hours, I work as the Digital Marketing Manager at Software Engineering of America, a data center software and cybersecurity solutions provider based out of Garden City, NY. In the evening/night hours, you’ll find me heading up the marketing efforts for Pexels Media, a self-founded software and lead generation agency offering an all-in-one CRM & ATS platform with built-in automated customer acquisition designed for recruiting/staffing agencies. 

As a self taught content creator and digital growth marketer by day, and aspiring entrepreneur by night — I’m best defined by my tireless work ethic and am always looking for the next big thing. I’m obsessed with everything marketing and technology and pride myself on being a lifelong learner. I’m detail-oriented and results-driven in my approach and strongly believe in the  concept of endless improvement. 

Having started my career path from very little and having had to earn my way without shortcuts has taught me how to wear and manage multiple hats. Though discipline, dedication, and resiliency has been my pathway for success, I also believe in selflessness and putting the team above the individual, building for everyone, everywhere. I enjoy working hard to make things easy and love telling my story to inspire the next generation. 

My core belief is that the best things are not given and don’t come easy, but nothing is impossible if you have the willingness and perseverance to earn it. This philosophy is what guides me and motivates me to work harder and smarter with every new day.

Unique has been responsible for product launches, consumers and clients

Unique Baxter

Public Relations Director

Having 7+ years of marketing experience, Unique has done products launches and been responsible for many clients. Unique has developed both digital and traditional campaigns, coached development teams and monitored the promotion of countless products. She is a jack of all trades with skills that are not limited to communications, marketing, web development, and public relations. Follow Unique and her journey down below.

Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron

Business Development Manager

Hard-working, dedicated, and passionate are three traits that describe Matt. He has spent his entire life learning the skills needed for being a successful entrepreneur and currently runs a Digital Marketing Agency based out of New Jersey. Regardless of the task Matt is working on, he always gives his best effort.

Keval Mehta

Keval Mehta

SEO Specialist

Acquiring the experience in Web hosting, Content Writing, SEO, and Digital Marketing for 5 years makes Keval well versed in IT. Keval has completed his Masters in Computer Application (MCA) and assisted hundreds of clients across the globe for SEO and Digital Marketing over the years. Follow Keval and his journey down below.

Christopher Cipolla

Christopher Cipolla

Digital Sales Consultant

With over 5 years of marketing and sales experience, Chris has proven himself to be a driven and motivated worker. He uses his uplifted attitude and positive energy to encourage others to succeed and work hard. No matter how difficult the task may be, Chris will not stop until it’s successfully completed. Chris dedicates himself to prioritize and manage whatever task is given to him with proficiency. 

Tisho Richardson

Tisho Richardson

Media Outreach Specialist

Tisho is a specialist/consultant with over 13 years of experience in digital marketing and demand generation.

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