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Disclaimer , FTC Disclosure & Copyright Statement 

Tech Score is required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to disclose information regarding endorsements. From time to time, Tech Score will review and endorse a product, service, business, or application. Tech Score may or may not receive compensation for written or video reviews of products, services, businesses, and applications. All contributors at Tech Score will try their best to produce accurate and well-constructed content to fair with compensations on the rarity they’re given.

Tech Score also incorporates third-party advertisements. Tech Score has no control over the permissions and collection of data these advertisement providers desire. Some of these may include the products, services, businesses, or applications we review. Note that these are not endorsements, and are just due to common interests found using cookies by the advertisement providers. More information on the advertisement providers can be supplied via email through our contact page. One can also read our elaboration of privacy concerns in our Privacy Policy and read-up on our terms in our Terms of Use.

Tech Score also participates in affiliate programs, like VigLink, Skimlinks and Amazon Associates, which each give commission on third-party products and services sold through ‘referral links’ placed throughout our website and social accounts. We include these links because they go along with the content we cover, making it more convenient for consumers. These are not endorsements and our readers are always welcome to search the web for products and services on their own, and are not required to use ours by any means.

Tech Score has a comment system built-in allowing all readers and guests to post custom comments on post pages. All comments posted on Tech Score can be moderated by Tech Score if they contain potentially harmful information or spam. Tech Score has the permission to delete any comments to ensure our site stays language-friendly and spam free for our audience.

Tech Score will occasionally collect information, like names and email addresses, from its users to make the experience the best it can be for everyone. All information submitted through our PayPal donation and newsletter plugins are visible to us. Information can also be gathered through the use of giveaways (powered by Gleam), the Chats plugin or through the background by Google Analytics (unsubscribe here). This data may be visible to us, but is used only for contacting and marketing purposes. Information collected will never be sold to third-parties or posted publicly. One can always unsubscribe or disconnect communication links with us by contacting Tech Score via email through our contact page. For more on privacy concerns regarding personal information, carefully read our Privacy Policy.

There are no warranties implied with anything presented on Tech Score, and no legal advice will ever be given from us.

Copyright Statement 

The majority of sourced content included on Tech Score complies with the “fair use” doctrine of copyright law for non-commercial news reporting, discussion purposes and education. We’ll obey any take down requests sent to us via postal mail or email us through our contact page.

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Earn reward points when shopping online and redeem for free gift cards
No fees. No forms. No scams.

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