Google Pay app adds boarding pass support and a whole lot more

Doug Demagistris
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Two weeks ago, Google Pay for web received a revamp with a refreshed design. More recently, the mobile app was treated to a major update with loads of new features that improve the end-user experience in many ways.

Learn More about Google Pay

Google wasn’t shy on new functions in its latest update for Google Pay. Some of them we heard in recent rumors, but now they’re actually arriving. The search giant has been coming out with updates left and right for its apps and services, and this one makes the Google Pay app a lot more useful by hauling in everything you need for completing almost any kind of transaction into a single app with grown support for transit tickets, boarding passes and more!

Say Hello to Google Pay

One of the new features is the ability for users to save concert tickets and boarding passes in the app. This means no more hassle the next time you’re trying to board a plane and can’t find your paper copy. The number of partners is limited at this time, but like everything else, will expand over time as more add support. For live concerts, Google Pay already supports most tickets having added the Ticketmaster and Eventbrite services. It doesn’t seem as if users are capped at a certain number of tickets, so travel worry free and let Google do the work. Users can access their transit and movie tickets or boarding passes from the ‘Passes’ tab with just a tap.


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