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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020 Model

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is an expansive new smartphone experience with completely reimagined compact engineering and revolutionary folding glass technology in your pocket.
Designed for true originals, the Galaxy Z Flip Deals offer a breakthrough compact form and revolutionary ultra-thin folding glass display with Hideaway Hinge that closes to about half its size in a flip – making it easy to hold while taking it from palm to pocket.
Take hands-free selfies, shoot 4K HD video, and more with the ultra-wide lens while utilizing the hinge that positions the phone at many different angles. Enjoy cinematic brilliance on the oversized screen in the palm of your hand using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s 6.7” dynamic AMOLED screen.

Watch the night come to life with the amazing nighttime pictures and videos on the intuitive camera with Hyperlapse. And, control apps with half the screen while you view them on the other with the dual split-screen feature.

You can do it all at once with the Multi-Active Window that gives you the power to navigate, drag-and-drop and work across multiple apps. With all this on the device’s ultra-fast processor, you can take productivity to the next level.

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