Weekly Poll: Do you play puzzle games?

Doug Demagistris
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When I say ‘puzzle’ games, I’m not just referring to scrabble and ‘2048’ the game. In today’s market, there are all kinds of games that involve puzzles. Not all of these involve some kind of a board or pieces, rather, many in the category are an adventure type game with puzzles embedded within them. You may have never knew until you opened the app to play yourself.

This is an H3 Heading

Lots of games have problem-solving involving some kind of puzzle you must use your brain to figure out the solution. Typically, these get harder as you move up levels and enter new challenges. Some get really tricky and take more brain power than you’d think to reach the end of the game. Odds are, if it’s a paid game, it’ll feature more levels that proceed on and on. Sometimes players can pay for clues and tokens with in-app purchases, but the better games usually charge an upfront fee. Generally speaking, the price of mobile games has come down and users can get a game for a lot of playing time in exchange of just a few Play Store bucks.

This is an H3 Heading

Personally, I don’t play a lot of games on my phone, but when there’s something everyone’s playing or a game that grabs me in head first, I’ll get attached. Two puzzle games in particular have grown on me including one that’s still on its way up. Both these games made headlines this week.


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